Corey is a trusted executive advisor who combines deep subject matter expertise in strategy, innovation and leadership development with extensive experience working with diverse client organizations. He literally co-wrote the book on how to solve complex organizational problems.

He advises senior leaders and their teams on challenges associated with strategic transformation, including strategic planning, business model innovation, corporate venturing programs, and strategic alliances. He also advises HR and L&D executives on the design, development and delivery of leadership development programs.

Corey uses a facilitative approach to consulting. He partners with clients to co-create solutions. He brings a rigorous, research-based methodology, described in his book Cracked It!, to his engagements. He works closely with members of each client organization, often in intensive, interactive workshops, to leverage their knowledge and expertise in developing solutions.

With his unique blend of deep, research-based expertise, extensive client experience, rigorous methodology, and facilitative approach built on decades of experience in leading executive training and development workshops, Corey’s solutions drive measurable business results.

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