Training & Development

Corey is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed executive educator and business school professor. In addition to decades of experience teaching in MBA and Executive MBA programs, he has designed and delivered hundreds of training and development workshops for thousands of professionals and executives from hundreds of organizations around the world.  

Corey delivers seminars, both in-person and virtually, to a variety of audiences, from individual contributors and high potential leaders to C-suite executives and board members, in intimate settings of a dozen to ballrooms of hundreds. Workshops range from a few hours to two or more days, depending on the topic(s) and client needs.

To maximize the relevance and impact of each training, Corey works with the client team to customize the training event for the unique priorities and pain points of the audience. 

Corey combines extensive subject matter expertise with a highly interactive learning approach that both challenges participants and entertains them to improve the ROI on learning.

The Experience

For both virtual and in-person workshops, Corey delivers an experience that educates, engages and empowers by:

  • Weaving together bite-sized insights from rigorous, leading-edge research with memorable, illustrative stories.
  • Using a highly interactive and action-oriented learning approach with in-depth case analysis and intensive small group exercises and discussions. 
  • Creating an environment that enables participants to reflect deeply about how to apply what they learn in their organization.
  • Providing participants with practical and actionable insights that stick.

Most Popular Workshop Topics